Campaigns in the Gorkhaland!

Kurseong, Darjeeling 15 November: Tarumitra students from St. Joseph’s Kurseong in large numbers joined a campaign on Waste Management in the city. Keeping up their sustained fight against plastics, today’s march was to high light the plight of the waste disposal programmes in the city.
Students visited the hospital wards
The ever active Principal Sr. Winifred along with the Tarumitra Co-ordinator Mrs. Sudeshna Pradhan encouraged the students to go out of their secure campus. This time they rallied along to the Government run Sub-divisional Hospital to see for themselves the state of affairs.
D.K Pradhan, the Director  of the hospital met the students and answered their queries. They asked him to dispose of the hazardous medical waste properly. The students also moved around the wards and requested the patients and their visitors not to throw garbage here and there.

The students also trudged to the local market and met with many shopkeepers and pleaded with them not to sell items in plastics. They made a survey of the garbage heaps in the market. When the students accosted  some large shops they told the girls to back off!

Tarumitra asked the shopkeepers not to use plastics

The students were on the contrary were impressed by many people whom they met in the market. A number of them stopped to talk to them and encourage the girls.
Fish markets were another story for students!
Sudeshna Pradhan said that the Tarumitra students have pledged to keep up the campaign in the coming days.

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6 Responses to Campaigns in the Gorkhaland!

  1. arunavadatta says:

    Great work!
    Keep it up.

  2. Binnie says:

    i think,dose students hav done pretty well by awakenin the mass….bt nao its our turn 2 work 2getha n make the missin successful.

  3. Binnie says:

    the students hav done their task of awakenin the mass nao its our turn 2 work 2getha…….bt practically speakin there shud b som alternative 4 plastic cz ppl cant move around wdh all their stuffs…ryt…?

  4. students should suggests alternative of plastic by installing small stalls of small and cheap cloth or jute bags so that purchasers can afford it gladly in place of plastic bags

  5. Monex fraud says:

    The students enjoyed decorating thier grocery bags and were enthusiastic about writing positive messages about caring about our planet Earth. The students had the chance to promote their bags at the Carrefour hypermarket and also they talked with the shoppers and helped the salespeople by using their recycled bags instead of plastic bags!

  6. Young-tae Jo. says:

    It is great student action for their Local area!!!
    I seen this page link by facebook note. 😀
    (I’m Korean, and active member of FoE, in gwangju)

    Your students look so great! Keep doing this, and hope this will reach out to all the people in the hills!

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